Multilingual WordPress Guides

A Multilingual WordPress website requires some specificities and some knowledge in particular. To allow you to find out about each aspect affected by the fact of making its WordPress site multilingual, we suggest you to discover a series of guides. We add WordPress guides in multilingual version very regularly.

Three types of guides.

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Our multilingual WordPress guides

Discover the guides that will help you find your way around the world of multilingual WordPress.

How to create a multilingual WordPress site?

Using WordPress to design your website is the choice made by more than 25% of sites worldwide. It can be said without fear of being too wrong that WordPress propels all types of website that can be imagined. However, there is a fundamental missing WordPress considering that your site will be accessible by the whole world, the fact of managing several languages at the same time on its Internet site. But by the way, how do you make your WordPress site go to a multilingual version?

A multilingual WordPress site for all types of website.

How to create a multilingual WordPress site?

WPML: The ultimate guide

Getting started with WPML is easy when you follow the right guide. This will be required before you can start translating your WordPress site. Nothing really complicated, WPML has provided an installation wizard that will facilitate your work. The key is to know what to say during the different steps of the WPML installation. We offer a complete guide to installing and using WPML.

WPML comes with different modules, we also talk about it.

WPML: The ultimate guide

WPML: The plugin from every angle

WPML is a main plugin around which gravitates other plugins for functional additions. The idea is to centralize everything related to the core of translation management in WordPress in a plugin and all that brings a more ergonomic or functional in separate plugins. Everyone does not need the same functional additions. The goal is to keep the set as light and easy to use as possible.

We also see the differences between the two proposed versions of WPML that are WPML CMS and WPML Blog because the whole difference is here.

The WPML plugin in detail

SEO & amp; Multilingual

SEO is one of the most serious things. More than one website is almost exclusively visited by search engines. The multilingual is an excellent way to increase the number of visits. I do not think it’s necessary to demonstrate that. But this is only valid if everything goes well. Indeed, if the simple of adding a multilingual plugin completely explode your SEO? This can happen if you do not pay much attention to the choice of its multilingual WordPress plugin.

We discuss all the points to consider in its multilingual SEO strategy.

SEO and multilingual website

Beginner: How to translate your WordPress site?

It is by forging that we become blacksmiths. There is no shame to be a beginner on any field. Even less in the world of multilingualism under WordPress. With this guide, we take you by the hand to enable you to set up a site with WordPress in multilingual version. No need for special skills, just follow the pictures. That’s the guide quickly done well.

How to translate your WordPress menu?

How to translate your WordPress menu?

Sometimes we need simple advice to get by. We propose to answer the question that animates any owner of multilingual WordPress site: How to translate its WordPress menus? You will discover that it is possible to use two different methods. The second could save you hours of work.

How to translate your WordPress menu?

How to translate WordPress taxonomies?

How to translate WordPress taxonomies Whether it’s voluntary or not, we always use WordPress taxonomies. It does not matter how big or what type of WordPress site you can have. Under the term taxonomies, we are talking about categories and labels. This quick guide will allow you to both manage the native taxonomies of WordPress, as taxonomies from CPTs. No more secret about translating WordPress tags and categories after reading this help.

How to translate WordPress taxonomies?

How to speed up a multilingual WordPress site?

A multilingual site can sometimes be slowed down by the amount of content it has to handle. In addition, when we see the functional addition made to the addition of a plugin like WPML, it is easy to understand that its WordPress site is going to a higher level. But this is not inevitable. It’s possible to take advantage of cache plugins like W3 Total Cache to make sure that all CSS, Javascript and minification is done correctly. This on a multilingual instance of your WordPress site. Let’s find out how to configure W3 Total Cache as a professional so that our multilingual site can load like a charm.

How to speed up a multilingual WordPress site?

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Plugins and multilingual

It is possible to allow many third party plugins to access all the multilingual features offered by your plugin. Let’s discover in these guides how to allow the major plugins to ensure the translation part to perfection.

ACF and WordPress translation

This guide will allow us to discover how to translate a whole site built with ACF. All you need is to configure the good multilingual plugin and you will be able to all the fields created from ACF. Better, you will even be able to translate the famous repeater fields . More than one plugin broke teeth while trying to support ACF. Discover immediately the good plugin to make ACF multilingual.

Manage translations with ACF

bbPress and the multilingual

Who says WordPress and forum, necessarily says WordPress and bbPress. bbPress is the forum management plugin that has become the most successful solution for many years. bbPress takes its name from PHPbb, the forum management CMS from which it is inspired by the idea. Adding multilingual management to bbPress is often a necessity. It is therefore important to choose a plugin that manages bbPress, but which is also supported by bbPress on its side. Let’s find out how to set up a multilingual forum with bbPress.

Multilingual bbPress

BuddyPress in multilingual version

There are plugins like that, or it is almost useless to present them so much they represent what is best in a particular category. Just like the forum is bbPress or eCommerce is WooCommerce, the management of a community site is BuddyPress. It allows you to put together everything a community site could dream of. When I say everything, that’s all. Only lack? Multilingual management! We present the easiest and most effective way to set up a multilingual community site in WordPress.

Multilingual BuddyPress

Multilingual WooCommerce

In 2017, WooCommerce represents 75% of eCommerce site installations worldwide. I do not know if that impresses you, yes, yes. In the space of just a few years, WordPress has gone from an unusable eCommerce CMS to a CMS that must be used. WooCommerce comes with a large number of features in a box of modern design and sober, ensuring great success. For anyone who has already tried the adventure, there is still a lack that other eCommerce CMS have basic, multilingual management. But as always in the world of WordPress, there are excellent plugins that ensure this task perfectly. Find out how to set up the feature that should miss your WooCommerce site the most!

Multilingual WooCommerce

Gravity Forms and translations

Forms are his specialty. But beware, we are talking about complex form creation here. For example, a form that would ensure the hotel room reservation portion with payment of a deposit that changes depending on the number of people, the day and the length of stay. In addition, he must connect to a payment platform to finalize everything. Gravity Forms has specialized in the management of complex forms, through a simplistic management interface. Gravity Forms can also perfectly satisfy you when creating simple contact form. One thing Gravity Forms does not do? Manage localized versions of its forms. Let’s see how to allow Gravity Forms to handle the multilingual.

Multilingual Gravity Forms

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Multilingual WordPress Themes

There are thousands of WordPress themes. It is mathematically impossible to present a guide for each of these themes. What is possible is to present a guide for each of the most used themes in the world. Also, if you are in doubt, make sure the theme is marked as compatible with WPML. This is the case in more than 75% of cases. You will be assured that your WordPress theme is compatible with the best multilingual plugin system for WordPress.

Multilingual Genesis Framework

For anyone who knows Genesis, it’s clear that this is not a theme, but rather a framework that will allow you to set up a unique rendering site. Genesis gives you access to an advanced management interface that will allow you to configure many Genesis behaviors, and all this at the click. It will also allow you to customize the whole theme, to design a series of CPT without any difficulty or to manage your widgets. How to push Genesis even further? By allowing him to take advantage of multilingual WordPress.

Multilingual Genesis

Multilingual Storefront

If you’ve tried the WooCommerce adventure, then Storefront is a WooCommerce theme that needs to talk to you right away. This is the theme that is proposed by WooThemes. This theme has been designed to allow us online a simple and effective eCommerce website. What distinguishes Strorefront from all others is its great integration with WooCommerce and its seamless support of all WooCommerce plugins. Developed to be fast and neutral Sorefront can serve as a basis for an excellent multilingual eCommece site. We invite you to discover in this guide how to make Storefront perfectly multilingual.

Multilingual Storefront

The7 multilingual

The7 is one of those very rare premium themes that are used tens of thousands of times, without realizing it. Why ? Because The7 is a theme to do everything. It is developed to allow everyone to benefit from a professionally rendered website, without being one. This is made possible by a very detailed administration interface, allowing you to customize almost every pixel of the theme. It also comes with dozens of different variations giving you the opportunity to design a whole site in one click. Making the WordPress The7 theme multilingual is as simple as following our guide.

The7 multilingual

Divi and all themes Elegant Themes in multilingual

In the world of WordPress Do It All themes, the war is raging. A developer team is doing well: Elegant Themes. To be precise, one of their theme is a real success. This is Divi. Divi is a WordPress theme that allows you to both deploy a whole site with a simple and modern design in one click, while giving you the opportunity to set each aspect of the design and behavior of your site. Elegant Theme having had the intelligence to unify the development of all its themes on the same model, the manipulation that will allow us to make Divi multilingual will be just as true for all themes from Elegant Themes.

All Elegant theme in multilingual

All themes from Template Monster in multilingual

Template Monster is a marketplace of WordPress theme widely used around the world. Our guide will show you how to translate a WordPress theme from Template Monster.

Multilingual Template Monster