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A multilingual WordPress site, easy to use, it exists. I recommend WPML for years and I use it every day!The administrator of and dozens of other WordPress sites

Multilingual WordPress Plugins

Looking for a Multilingual WordPress plugin and you’re lost? Discover immediately our comparative of the best multilingual plugins specially thought for WordPress.

WooCommerce Multilingual

A WooCommerce site that wants to reach as many people as possible must be multilingual. Check out the top WooCommerce Multilingual plugin right now.

Multilingual WordPress Themes

In order for your WordPress site to be translated perfectly, a multilingual WordPress theme is essential. Discover our selection of multilingual themes often updated.

Multilingual WordPress Plugin in the news

After more than ten years of use of WordPress, and many years to design multilingual WordPress sites, I opted to always work with the same multilingual WordPress plugins, on 100% of my multilingual WordPress projects.
Like all other multilingual WordPress plugins, it is not perfect. His greatest strength is his very thorough integration with WordPress.

Multilingual Plugin History

Originally, he was the only one. It’s this plugin that has opened the way of multilingual to hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites. The competition is good, offering us a plugin updated very often since then. The licensing system is also one of the most beneficial I know.

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Guides / How To WordPress Multilingual

When one embarks on the adventure of the web, it is hard to imagine the number of skills it takes to own a website to match its ambitions. is here to give you the information you need. Discover the questions that are most frequently asked in terms of WordPress hosting, CDN for WordPress and ecological web hosting.

Multilingual WordPress?

How to create a multilingual WordPress site?
Which multilingual WordPress plugin?
Multilingual WordPress Guides
Bilingual WordPress Site

Installation / Configuration

WPML: The ultimate guide
WPML: The plugin in detail
SEO and Translation
How to translate taxonomies?
How to translate WordPress menus?

Compatible plugins

ACF Translate / Multilingual

bbPress Translate / Multilingual

BuddyPress Translate / Multilingual

Slider Translate / Multilingual

WooCommerce Translate / Multilingual
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WooCommerce Multilingual

You know it, I already told you, as soon as it’s a multilingual WordPress site, I’ve been using WPML for years. But do you think it’s the same when it’s a multilingual WooCommerce site ? After all, translating a WordPress site and translating a WooCommerce site is not really the same thing. WooCommerce adds so many features to the world of WordPress ecommerce that we would think that we will have to choose another WooCommerce translation plugin. not the slightest bit! WPML manages WooCommerce to perfection . From the beginning, the WPML back-end teams believed in WooCommerce, offering an unparalleled level of support for WooCommerce translation.

WooCommerce Translation

Do you know all that needs to be able to manage a WooCommerce translation plugin like WPML? Shop base page management, category translation management, tags, custom attributes and taxonomies, product translation, product variant translation, image text translation, URL translation, category translation and transport zones, automatic synchronization of product categories, use of several currencies, cleaning the shopping cart at the change of language or currency … and in addition we can add additional modules …

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